LaChapelle in Lima's MAC

Starting January 23rd through April 12th, Lima’s contemporary arts museum MAC will site acclaimed US photographer David LaChapelle’s solo exhibition, "David LaChapelle, Photography 1984-2013." Known for his synthetic pop-surrealist style on subjects ranging fashion, Hollywood sex symbols, religion, consumer society, and art history, LaChapelle’s work continues to invite controversy and discussion.

This exhibit promises to do so with a retrospective ranging his takes on the Italian Renaissance in B&W series, ”Good news for modern man,” to his first incursions in color in “Negative Currency”, in which world currencies are defaced and reinterpreted.

Visitors will also see “Earth Laughs in Flowers,” a series of colorful and satirical representations of familiar flower arrangements, as well as “Still Life,” a photo-set presenting re-assembled mannequin body parts hosting some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces. In “Recollections in America”, LaChapelle offers a US-flag clad, gun-toting, beer drinking portrayal of white middle-class America, a stark commentary in visual pairing to “Land Scape,” in which he explores nuclear power industrial complexes.

With recent exhibits in other world cities, LaChapelle in Lima’s MAC summons all interested in a visually stunning commentary of contemporary society.

For all visitors interested in seeing the exhibit, PEC will gladly incorporate a museum visit as part of your Lima itinerary.

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