First Results: Peru Empire Co. supports Amantani’s work

The work of Amantani, a non-profit organization associated with Peru Empire Co., is invaluable to the communities surrounding Ccorca in the region of Cusco.

This quarter (March-May), Amantani is pleased to inform that it enabled 61 children -40 girls and 21 boys between 7 and 20 years old-, to save an average of 216 hours of walking to their school. With certain children saving up to 346 walking hours, Amantani’s efforts have made possible these young people to access to 240 school hours as well as 144 hours of non-traditional education, such as craft and computer work.

Amantani runs 2 student hostels and provides accommodation and education to Quechua-speaking students from the Ccorca area in Cusco. Complementing their education, Amantani hostels help these students take advantage of the modernization of its community and, thus, be an active part of the technological development of the 21st century.

Peru Empire Co. is committed to the efforts of Amantani and, as part of its partnership, provides a voluntary contribution to Amantani per passenger.


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