Peru Empire hosts successful fundraiser for Amantani

Donated works by Lima artist Maricruz Arribas were sold to benefit youngsters from Ccorca, a remote rural region of Cusco.
Jose's dream is to be an astronaut

Each piece contained a written wish from a child, ranging from becoming an astronaut to being able to study at university.

Amantani, the nonprofit group that supports children in the remote district of Ccorpa, in Cusco, has held a successful fundraising event in the Peru Empire Company’s Lima headquarters. The event was possible thanks to the generosity of Maricruz Arribas, a Lima-based plastic artist who specializes in recycling discarded objects, transforming them into colorful and distinctly Peruvian works of art. She donated 56 pieces for sale, each one made up of painted cardboard rolls capped with glass bells. Inside each work, one of the children, aged seven to 18, benefited by Amantani had written a wish.

The wishes ranged from the unlikely, such as becoming an astronaut, to the realistic and desirable, such as simply having the chance to attend university. One wanted to open an ice cream factory while another simply hoped to be able to stay at home with the family llamas! Roughly 150 people attended the invitation-only event and 53 of the 56 pieces were sold, raising a total of $10,000 for Amantani’s work in Ccorpa. That includes running a boarding house for 60 youngsters. It allows them to attend school during the week, given that their families live a walk of several hours away. It also gives others the chance to step away from troubled home settings. Amantani also runs a range of after-hours courses, including computing for students and advice for parents sometimes overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

Most of Amantani’s financing comes from the UK, co-founder Fred Branson says. But thanks to Peru Empire’s support, including the November fundraiser, the charity expects to raise the Peruvian share of its revenues from 5% in 2014 to 12% in 2015. Peru Empire also donates space in its headquarters in Barranco, Lima, for Amantani to use as its head office in Peru. “Peru Empire has been the first in Peru to really support us and we are very grateful for that,” adds Branson.

If you would like to donate to Amantani or visit its projects as part of your unique, individually tailored itinerary curated by the Peru Empire Company, contact us at or on +51-1-700-5100 or, if you are in the US, 347-713-7030/34.


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