Shopping in Lima: amazing options and world-class quality

Larcomar - Miraflores
Whether its traditional handcrafts or creative contemporary design Peru, and especially Lima, has it all.

The variety is spectacular, with beautiful, handmade Peruvian products from the Andes, Amazon and coast including leather, ceramics, silver, textiles, wood, crystal, clothing, and, of course, food.

Peru has been earning a stellar reputation for its food scene in recent years, but the country, and especially Lima, have much more to offer.

the discerning visitor when it comes to creative consumption. The capital in particular is home to numerous shops and markets offering beautiful, highly original Peruvian products for all budgets. And, as you would expect of a country with such a dazzlingly varied geography, there is an amazing variety of objects, both traditional and contemporary, and all highly original and unique to Peru.

The most obvious place for visitors to start thinking about shopping in Lima is Larcomar, in Miraflores, a panoramic, open air mall built into the cliff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It has many global brands, from the Gap to the North Face, but also several shops offering high end Peruvian wares, including silverwork and alpaca wool, especially at Kuna, as well as numerous restaurants and cafes. If you are lucky, you may see daredevil paragliders pulling maneuvers overhead. Few who visit Larcomar, would disagree that it has as great a view as any shopping center on earth, but there are also numerous smaller, specialist stores dotted around the city for those looking for a more personal experience.

These include Dedalo and Las Pallas in Barranco, the former selling beautiful contemporary products from designers, artists and artisans across the country, while the latter has more traditional offerings, including from indigenous masters in remote corners of the rainforest and mountains. Another store with similar wares is Kunturhuasi in Miraflores. Other stores specializing in silverwork and jewelry include Ester Ventura in Chorrillos, Kolke and Ilaria in San Isidro, and Platería el Tupo in Miraflores.

Dedalo - Barranco

For textiles, other than Kuna, you can check out Origin Alpaca and Sol Alpaca in Miraflores. For specialty food stores, you could try Peru Pa’Ti and one specialized in Peru’s excellent chocolate varieties, Xocolatl, both in Miraflores. For books, there are several shops to visit but perhaps none better than the well-known Miraflores bookstore El Virrey. Its large collection includes numerous, beautiful coffee table books, with stunning photos of Peruvian landscapes, people and culture.

To visit any of these stores as part of your unique, individually tailored itinerary, contact the Peru Empire Company at or on +51-1-700-5100 or, if you are in the US, 347-713-7030/34.

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