The Andes and Amazon are your oyster: glamping in Peru

High end camping with the Peru Empire Company offers luxury to match the spectacular landscapes.

Massages or freshly baked bread, and a night under the stars.

With its dazzling mountain landscapes, magical Inca ruins, and endless rainforests, Peru is, of course, world renowned as a trekking and outdoors destination. And although there’s no shortage of budget options for travelers here, the Peru Empire Company also has a wide range of options for “glamping” or glamor camping, where you can spend a night under the stars in genuine comfort and luxury.

That can include anything from gourmet picnics to a massage at the foot of a remote 20,000ft snowcapped summit, or freshly baked bread at your campsite. Your support team will include guides, porters and a chef so that you can trek, at your own pace, carrying nothing more than a light day pack, from campsite to campsite. When you arrive each afternoon, the entire campsite will have been put up, with your chef ready to greet you with the freshly prepared beverage of your choice, whether it’s a hot chocolate made from some of Peru’s award-winning cacao, a traditional Andean coca leaf infusion or an ice-cold lager.

That level of service and attention to detail will allow you to concentrate on enjoying the stunning views that Peru has in such abundance. The range of destinations is also staggering, whether you want to hit the fabled Inca Trek, or get off the beaten path to remoter destinations, be it Lake Titicaca, the road less travelled to Machu Picchu, or other parts of the Peruvian Andes entirely. And if you want to go glamping, you don’t actually have to go trekking at all. You could mountain bike or kayak, as strenuously or lightly as you prefer, from campsite to campsite. In fact, if you just want to get outdoors but without burning too many calories, we can even arrange for you to engage in nothing more demanding than a brief stroll from your private 4x4 to the campsite.


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