The story of Inkaterra, Peru’s Amazon lodge pioneer

Founded in 1975, Inkaterra now runs two luxuriant eco-lodges deep in the Peruvian rainforest as well as other unforgettable hotels in the ancient Inca capital of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and in the shadow of Machu Picchu.

Inkaterra’s award-winning jungle lodges, carbon neutral since 1989, have set the standard not just in Peru or the Amazon, but in rainforest eco-tourism throughout the tropics.

There are few natural destinations as magical as the Amazon, and Peru’s huge junk of the world’s greatest tropical rainforest — only Brazil has more — is home to two stunning lodges run by one of eco-tourism’s great pioneers, Inkaterra. The company was founded more than four decades ago with the aim of using luxury tourism to boost conservation in a corner of the virgin jungle, around the vast Tambopata Nature Reserve, a 275,000-hectare protected area recognized by scientists as a global biodiversity hotspot.

Inkaterra’s first property, the Reserva Amazonica, has 35 cabins, a spectacular canopy walk 30 meters above the forest floor to boot, and for those in need of some serious privacy, a stunning, secluded treehouse. In true Amazonian style, all are open to the surrounding rainforest to keep the air flowing in the humid jungle, and have traditionally-thatched roofs, which absorb the sound of the torrential rain when the skies open. The Reserva Amazonica has been named by National Geographic Traveler magazine as one of the world’s 25-best eco-lodges. Inkaterra’s second rainforest lodge, the Hacienda Concepción, has 19 private cabins spread out in the lush grounds around a six-room house featuring a dining and other common areas.

Maintaining five-star standards deep in the rainforest, including well off the electricity grid, is no cakewalk, but our staff manage it to ensure guests fully enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime stay in this spectacular wilderness in the lap of luxury. Spacious, open-plan rooms, sensual biodegradable toiletries made in house, hammocks hanging from the beams, an Amazonian spa and organic bug repellent made by local communities are just some of the features, along with a la carte jungle haute cuisine. Inkaterra also has an astonishing range of excursions, all with certified guides, including night trips to see caimans, botanical walks, and numerous trails to track or view animals from anacondas to birds.

New species continue to be discovered around the lodges, which continue to be home to scientists from around the world and their research. Local biodiversity records include 1,234 kinds of butterflies. More than 500 bird species have also been spotted here, along with untold species of reptiles, amphibians and mammals, including howler monkeys, black caimans, peccary, giant river otters, parrots and macaws representing every color of the rainbow and even, occasionally, the Amazon’s apex predator, the jaguar, although these wary felines always keep a safe distance from visitors.

Inkaterra’s jungle lodges are easily reachable from Lima and Cusco; flights take an hour or less and lodge staff then pick up guests directly from Puerto Maldonado airport, deep in the Amazon, for a short drive and boat-ride to the lodges.

To visit one of Inkaterra’s Amazonian eco-lodges as part of your unique, individually tailored itinerary, contact the Peru Empire Company at or on +51-1-700-5100 or, if you are in the US, 347-713-7030/34.


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