SHOP: Our Sacred Valley picks

Souvenir shopping has never been more fun; traditional technique in contemporary Style.

Whether in search of a local trinket or something more profound the Chinchero Market will not disappoint. On Sunday, descending from the surrounding hills and villages the locals come to barter their produce. Clothed in traditional dress, real Andean life exposed in all its vibrancy; each gift bought will now come complete with a story.

From the traditional to the modern, Pablo Seminario and Marilú Behar developed their style in Urubamba, a town in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The Seminario Ceramics workshop, where after careful study and contextualization of pottery techniques and styles utilized in Peru’s ancient cultures, Pablo Seminario has created a new proposal for ceramic art that, is apt for today’s modern world. This new expression of art is the fruit of more than 35 years of research that Pablo has undertaken, now known as the Seminario Style.

To try any of these shopping experiences as part of your unique, individually tailored Peru itinerary, contact the Peru Empire Company at or on +51-1-700-5100 or, if you are in the US, 347-713-7030/34.


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