Signature Journeys

Travel that trascends the typical. Experiences that exceed the ordinary.

Travel presents a unique opportunity to enrich, exchange, and explore. There exist few extraordinary travel experiences that do so on a grand scale, providing the traveller with uncommon access to exclusive areas and profound interactions, complimented with the most luxurious touches a destination has to offer. Here is a collection of the most compelling such experiences found in Peru. Whether you are short on time and must cut to the chase, or you simply prefer the very best, The Peru Empire Company’s Signature Journeys have you covered.

Carefully curated and expertly vetted, these Signature Journeys have been designed with the most discerning globe-trotter in mind. Down to the last detail, these experiences feature the highest cut of quality, from necessities such as a five-star meal prepared on-site alongside a remote rainforest lagoon, to intricacies such as fine butler service as you exit your helicopter charter to a secret Andean hot spring. No stone has been left unturned, no tire not kicked, in the mission to ensure that these outings are unrivalled in the way of itinerary, service, and infrastructure. But exquisite details and top-notch tangibles are just the start.

While luxury is the basis of these excursions, experience is the emphasis. To be pampered is nice; but cultural breakthroughs, connections with pristine natural wonders, and unprecedented access to archaeological and historic treasures are the moments that transcend the present and strike a chord decade down the road. Each journey touches on a unique focus area, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for the appropriate enthusiast. This may range from exploring the only cloud-forest citadel that the Inca could not take by force, to yacht-top brunching in the South Pacific and swimming with sea lions, or the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Each experience has been designed in partnership with National Geographic writer, photographer, and conservations Walter Wust. Walter has spent the last blank years exploring, building relationships within, and working to protect Peru’s most pristine natural attractions and resources, as well as the communities who rely on them. Through Walter’s relationships with local populations, and his discovery of spectacular destinations yet untrod by tourists, Peru Empire Co. is able to offer exclusive access and authentic interactions unfound and unprecedented by other operators. These Signature Journeys bring the pages of National Geographic to life, passing far beyond the boundaries applicable to the average traveller.

Travellers can choose from five itineraries, that are then tailored to their specific preferences and requests. While in the Cusco region, spend a day heli-hopping between remote and hard to reach sites such as the Rainbow Mountain and secret hot springs. For the fisherman, embark on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fish Amazonian monsters during the pinnacle of feeding season. Experience what the explorers felt by investigating an ancient mountaintop citadel, yet undiscovered by the masses. Enjoy the thrills of sea, land, and air by adventuring through a protected marine reserve. Escape to a secluded Amazonian sanctuary, and mingle with the natives who have forged a compromise with this rugged yet glorious paradise. Whatever you choose, prepare for an unforgettable experience in luxury and adventure.

To learn more about our Signature Journeys, contact the Peru Empire Company at or at +51-1- 700-5100 or, if you are in the US, 347-713- 7030/34.

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