Arequipa's best gastronomic choices

The White City is know for being one of Peru's top destinations for food lovers.

The City of Arequipa, is well know for its historical legacy, as well as for being home of the majestical condor especie (threatened with extintion) and its famous Colca Canyon. Nevertheless, Arequipa is also know for its gastronomical richness, as where real foodies will find exquisite and fine dishes that would be a sin to miss. Discover our "musts" regarding Arequipan cuisine:

1. La Benita de los Claustros

Set back into one of Arequipa’s most historic and picturesque plazas, this traditional picanteria serves up local Arequipan fare, sacrificing neither quality of flavor nor authentic methods of preparation. A separate bar area quenches thirst with homemade chicha (the beer of the Inca), and serves as a hub for cultural exchange between the different classes of locals, united by great food and drink.

Picture Reference: La Benita de los Claustros

2. Chicha Arequipa

This local would still attract hordes of hungry diners even if the food wasn’t so delicious. Set in a beautiful 17th century casona just steps from the Plaza de Armas, Chicha Arequipa takes pride in local recipes, ethically sourced ingredients, and telling the story of the region through elegant plates. The menu is designed by Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio.

Picture Reference: Chicha Arequipa

3. La Trattoria del Monasterio

The best Italian food in the city, with a tantalizing Peruvian touch. The ambiance is elegant and intimate, the service warm, and the patio extremely inviting.

Picture Reference: La Trattoria del Monasterio

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