The Guide to Getting the Most Out of Travel

You know what you want to do on your next trip. But have you thought about who you want to lead you on this journey? The right guide makes all the difference.

Reflecting on the defining moments of travel, the experiences that are carried with travellers for years to come, that justify the investments of cost and time and inspire future journeys, a few types of experiences stand out. There are the tender moments of togetherness as a family, perhaps moments of shared accomplishment, or maybe sudden appreciation for the things we have at home. There are the incredible sights, the screensaver-perfect views over some of earth’s richest terrain. And there are the connections made – the people, usually guides, that connect us as travellers to their home, welcoming us in with unnecessary warmth, allowing access to the most sacred segments of their heritage and history. They grant access to experience their country on a deeper level than the average visitor, resulting in profound realizations and soul-satisfying discoveries.

It is the latter, I think, that separates vacations from adventures, getaways from journeys.

As a traveller, it is not always easy, or even possible, to select your guide. One way to accomplish this is to opt for specialty guides – those who were experts in a field before they decided to share their gift and their life’s work with visitors. Because the knowledge these guides have is irreplaceable, travellers can rest easy knowing they are receiving the best possible leader for their particular expedition; masters of their craft, with the highest levels of accomplishment and the most fascinating stories to share.

Specialty guides can be obvious fits for the tour – who better to lead a museum visit than the curator of that particular museum, or an artist in the flesh, or even a local professor in art history or archaeology for those with a more educational inclination. An excursion through a local market followed by an engaging hands-on traditional cooking workshop is best led by a celebrated local chef, especially when that chef has relationships with the market vendors and welcomes travellers into her seaside kitchen and home for a more personal and authentic cooking experience. If opting for a surfing class, the opportunity to learn from a professional surfer is a no-brainer, and may result in access to more exclusive off-the-beaten-path breaks as well.

By providing your trip designers with detailed information, specialty guides can be added into more surprising experiences as well. If trekking to Machu Picchu, there are a number of guides who know the route. But for families interested in ecology along the way, why not have a guide who is a biologist first, who actually discovered a new species of orchid in this very cloud forest and is submitting the paperwork to Harvard to name this flower after his daughter? Or for a more adventurous couple, the chance to be led by a champion climber? For fans of photography, a National Geographic conservationist, humanitarian, and expert in how to capture the best shots every step of the way.

Fisherman might argue that any fishing guide is already a specialized guide. That may be the case, until you compare your average fishing guide with one who has exclusive access to areas of the Amazon that no other non-native person can enter. The list goes on.

In some cases, opting for a specialty guide can cost more than their traditional counterpart. However, the return on investment is exponential. In today’s work-hard-play-hard world, our leisure time together with loved ones is our most valuable asset. When looking for the very best in travel, don’t forget to inquire about the very best individual to lead a particular excursion or expedition. The difference in experience is not easily forgotten.

To learn more about our special guides, contact Peru Empire at or at +51-1- 700-5100 or, if you are in the US, 347-713- 7030/34.

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